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Our Oxygene products range are easy to use, the build quality is superb and the sound is crisp and clear. We have removed all unnecessary elements from our products, providing a cool functional design that is remarkably easy and intuitive to use.

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About Roksan and Products

Roksan Products

Roksan Audio is a British company, founded in 1985. We joined the world of specialist super audio with the introduction of our first high end record player , the Xerxes. More than 25 years later, we offer you another line of audio components which are genuinely original and unique. We hope you will like them as much as we do.

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Oxygene Connectivity


The overall design of the Oxygene is crucial in such a groundbreaking concept. Simplicity and elegance are the key attributes of the Oxygene design. The Bluetooth dongle can be connected to any component such as an iPod or iPad which does not have bluetooth to provide easy connectivity with the Oxygene amp. From the units themselves to the system remote, everything is wonderfully tactile, sensitively designed and luxurious-feeling.

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Roksan Oxygene CD Player

Oxygene CD Player

Every now and then something comes along that completely changes the way we perceive our needs. With the launch of our top line Oxygene series, we have introduced a range of components that are totally unique amongst top-end audio marques. Many in the hi-fi industry have tried to design a true " breakthrough " product but to no avail.

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